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K2 Crawley
2005 – 2006

Artists David Watson, Laura Johnston and Sharon Elphick, commissioned by Crawley Borough Council and working closely with S&P architects, created a series of artworks for K2 Crawley, state of the art new sports and leisure centre in Crawley, West Sussex.

Project partners: Crawley Borough Council, S&P architects, Gleesons; additional funding from Arts Council England and Arts & Business.

Arts consultantancy and project management by Frances Lord.

K2 Crawley
Wall panel, Sharon Elphick

David Watson designed bollards made from CDs, stainless steel and solar powered lights and glass columns, made from recycled bottle and window glass, for the entrance to the building. CDs and glass were collected locally through a campaign led by the Council to encourage recycling and sustainability.

“The intention with the bollards was to create a piece of artwork that integrates with the building, is functional, explores current issues on waste reuse, is aesthetically attractive and involves the local community in a way that makes them feel a sense of ownership and participation.”
David Watson

Laura Johnston’s commission ‘Aerial’, a glass and steel suspended sculpture was designed to create a dynamic form that animates the entrance foyer of K2 through the projection of light and colour. Dichroic glass changes in hue and intensity depending upon the angle of view and the direction of light falling on the glass.

“Laura Johnston’s glass installation is a decorative sculpture that brings a unique feel to the entrance foyer. It is a talking piece and a piece of accessible artwork for the K2 community. Its positioning means it is viewed from many angles and places throughout the leisure centre, and as a landmark.”
S&P Architects

Sharon Elphick worked with leisure centre users and local schools to produce three wall hangings from digital photographs based on sporting activity in Crawley.

K2 project
Ariel, Laura Johnston Photo: Jon Rigby

K2 Crawley
K2 Crawley
CD bollards and glass columns, David Watson